You are not Betting just for Fun, right? Whatever your reason for betting, winning a bet is the most exhilarating experience you could imagine in the world of sports!

To WIN, you must LEARN Smart Betting! Wager to Win and Wager like a Pro!

Hold your horses and take a tight grip on the reins first! Learning how to bet is not enough! There is a lot of information you should know before you kick-start your journey as a Pro Bettor.

The BASIC ability that Pro Bettors have in common is to know how to Handicap a race!

It is the ability to evaluate a horse race! This means determining which horse has the highest probability of winning the race. It is the best horsepower to boost your chances of WINNING!

It is all about understanding the basics and generals which include the horse racing types; types of horse breeds; horse racetrack surfaces, conditions, directions and shapes; draw bias in horse racing; types of running styles of racehorses; importance of weather condition, and jockeys and racehorses.

Don’t worry, AmWager prepared it all for you! Start your handicapping ability to progress! Read the articles below and learn the skill!

Horse Racing Types
There are four general types of horse racing: flat, jump, harness, and endurance racing...
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Horse Racing Breeds
Understanding a horse’s breed can already give you a whole picture of its physical stature and best fit in sports. This way, you can identify if the horse you want to bet on has a good breed fitting for the race...
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Moreover, did you know that track surfaces also have a vital role in a horse’s success in a race? Different track surfaces also affect the pace of the horses differently...
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Previous articles have shown the importance of reading about jockeys and racehorses, the breeds and racing types, and the different characteristics a horse racetrack could have. However, what about race courses that complement multiple characteristics? How can you determine which is the best? Whatever you have learned from the previous articles, you can use it to compare the different horse racetracks!

It now directs the significance of understanding first which horse racetrack you are betting on before placing your money. Veterans are no exception and want to increase their winning odds as much as possible before placing their bets. If you ask a veteran, they will surely answer you, “Yes. I did my research well”.

It was also mentioned on the page Jockeys and Racehorses that some horses are compatible with specific tracks. As significant as it is to become knowledgeable about how well a particular horse runs in each direction, this method is still insufficient if you are not familiar with the horse racetracks. Hence, being knowledgeable about racehorses and horse racetracks comes hand in hand.

You can learn in-depth knowledge by comparing the differences and likenesses of multiple courses. Yes, not only the difference but also the similarity. If you limit yourself to understanding one characteristic, like simply looking at the track’s direction, you might miss other important details like shapes and surfaces of the horse racetracks that can impact the horse’s performance. An example is the Epsom and Haydock, both left-handed but have multiple differences. Haydock is similar to several other courses like Ayr, Doncaster, Newbury, and York; all are left-handed, galloping in nature, flat, and give fast times results. In contrast, Epsom is a very undulating track and stiff. It still holds a flat race but possesses one of the most complex technical tests, like Brighton and Chepstow.

Hence, having precise assessments of the multiple horse racetracks about each characteristic, like the shape and the direction of the track, what type of track surface they have, the history of the winners, the perks and disadvantages of the tracks, etc., are all essential. It can be your handbook of cheats that will direct you to the winning bets if properly learned and utilized.

It is good to have a broad knowledge of the tracks first to ensure that your favorite horse has a high chance of winning.

To help you with that, you can check all the racetrack details and information we gathered here in AmWager. Check out the list of racetracks the AmWager prepared just for you!

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