Jockeys and Racehorses

In horse racing, jockeys and horses have the most significant impact on the winning result.

Jockeys and horses also have different characteristics and forte. Some jockeys are better on turf than dirt, and vice versa. Consider checking the experiences of the jockeys with the horses as well. They should also know how to handle horses effectively. You can also check if the attitudes of the horse and the jockey are perfectly matched so they can run together with their best performance.

When researching about the horse, also consider its bloodline. The result of other horses’ racing careers in its pedigree would likely also result in the horse. If one of its ancestors won multiple races or was never beaten during its racing career, there is a high probability of winning this horse. The horse’s bloodline can also help determine if the horse is comfortable under certain weather conditions.

Even trainers accumulate every tiny detail and information they can gather about the horses in their care to have a higher probability of winning. They also consider whether the horse they are handling is right-handed or left-handed, as horses also have a clear preference for their running direction. At the same time, horse racetracks also differ in directions (either left-handed or right-handed). However, learning the horse racetrack’s direction is still not enough to compare with the horse’s dominant lateral as the horse racetrack’s shapes (tight or galloping) might also affect the horse’s performance.

Every horse racetrack might have a lot in common that makes the bettors confused about whether the horse they chose would win. Some are all right-handed, but they differ in shape. Therefore, even if the horse is right-handed but is not good on tight racetracks, his odds of winning on horse racetracks that are right-handed with tight tracks might be lower than you think. Hence, the phrase ‘horses for courses’ was known as some horses are best only in certain racetracks. Popular examples are Bristol De Mai, with a marvelous record at Haydock; Red Rum, with a remarkable record at Aintree; and Roy Rocket, with excellent compatibility on the Brighton racetrack, a course troublesome to several other horses. These are examples of why bettors should look more in-depth at the horse’s characteristics to compare with their knowledge about the horse racetracks.

Therefore, checking out the Top horses and jockeys is worth your time to grab that winning bet!

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